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Here you will find a short list of resources (which is nowhere near exhaustive) of things I’ve either created, compiled, or have found to be helpful to me personally in studying, creating, leading, collaborating, and mentoring. I hope these help you as much as they’ve helped me.

Free Resources from Jeremy Gove

The ConnectPoint (View Now)

The ConnectPoint is a monthly e-newsletter sent out to pastors and youth leaders in Section One of Georgia District Youth Department. Each one features a devotional article, announcements about upcoming events, and free resources for youth ministry. Interested? Subscribe today!

Core Beliefs (View Now)

A collection of Jeremy Gove’s core beliefs. Feel free to copy, paste, review, and reuse for creating your own statement of faith.

Midtown University (View Now)

A year-long Bible Study and Discipleship curriculum. The course consists of four modules:

B2B 101: Basics of the Bible

B2B 201: Basics of Christian Living

B2B 301: Advanced Basics

B2B 401: Basics of the Godhead

Section One Youth Leadership Summit Archive (View Now)

A collection of current and archived audio, handouts, articles, and resources from the Section One Youth Leadership Summit, based in Southeast Georgia. Please feel free to download and reuse any and all of these files to help your youth ministry and student workers to prosper. The Section One Youth Leadership Summit is held annually on the first Saturday in March.

Other Free (or Almost Free) Resources

Bible Gateway (View Now)
Even though I like several of the features of the Blue Letter Bible (see below), I prefer to use BibleGateway for studying, reading, cross-referencing verses, and comparing translations because I find it more user friendly.

The Blue Letter Bible (View Now)
The Blue Letter Bible is a free Bible study resource. My favorite feature is it’s interlinear function, which allows you to see the verse in its original text, provides a lexicon, links to language dictionaries, and a root directory. Here are some screenshots of it in use: 1,2,3

ChurchLeaders (View Now)
Great, thought-provoking articles. Inspiring graphics. Free resources. Aids for worship, youth, preaching, pastoring, mentoring, fellowship, etc. Most articles are written from a modern, non-denominational perspective, which has its pluses and it’s minuses. But the meat and gems found are worth the effort of spitting out the occasional bone. If nothing else, they give a starting point for self-reflection and provide the opportunity to ask ourselves, “Is there a way to do what I’m doing better than I am now?” The “Fresh News” part of the site is interesting as well and is many times a good launching point into a solid, time-sensitive, culturally relevant, riveting opening introduction.

The Commune-ity (View Now)
The Commune-ity is just that…a community. It’s a free resource where youth workers from all over the country can upload and download lessons, icebreakers, outreach methods, raw ideas, videos, graphic elements…almost anything and everything. And the best part? It’s completely free. Costs are covered by a portion of the funds raised by Sheaves for Christ.

CreationSwap (View Now)
CreationSwap is a great starting point for any kind of church graphical element, whether it’s inspiration for a sermon series title slide, a welcome video, or a new brochure or bulletin. It offers views of other works for inspiration, allows you to download several resources for free, and, of course, also allows you to purchase resources other artists have created at very reasonable prices.

FERVR (View Now)
Insightful articles and ideas written both for youth and youth workers.

Raymond Woodward (View Now)
Bro. Raymond Woodward is a powerful preacher, anointed teacher, and pastor of a solid church in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He has several resources on his personal site including sermon notes, handouts, bible studies, articles, videos, etc. Well worth a visit.

Remind (View Now)
Remind is designed primarily for teachers, but is a great tool for youth groups to safely and efficiently communicate with students & parents about important announcements and activities. Participants sign up as a student or parent and choose to receive messages by text, email, or in our app. Remind works much like a mass text…without the annoying side-effect of every person in the group getting every response to the original text.

SermonIllustrations.com (View Now)
One of my personal favorite resources for crafting great, thought provoking sermon openers. This free website contains a treasure-trove of statistics, stories, and examples on a plethora of topics.

Paid Resources

Dial My Calls (View Now)
Dial My Calls is the perfect Voice Broadcasting system for getting information out to a large group at once. You can use their free service (1 30-second call per week to 25 people or less) or purchase credits for added features. They also offer a discounted rate for non-profits.

Sparkling Gems from the Greek by Rick Renner (Purchase Now)

Designed to be a daily devotional, the indexes in the back of the book are its most valuable asset. Words can be looked up directly or by Scripture reference. Renner does a masterful job of bringing Greek language and culture to life by not only defining words verbatim, but also expounding them in light of the mindset and culture of Biblical times. It’s well-worth the purchase and the read.