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Let's Be Honest: Living a Life of Radical, Biblical Integrity


“Jeremy is a talented and thoughtful writer. And, I consider him a spiritual thought leader…His own noble character has given him the credibility to create this needed resource.” -Ryan French

What Does Honesty Mean to us Today?
In this insightful work, Jeremy Gove compels us to consider that there’s more to honesty than meets the eye. As he points out, there’s no ancient Hebrew word for honest. Instead, emet, the word we translate as “honest,” is just the word for truth. Emet is also comprised of the first, middle, and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, implying that for something to be true, it must be true from the beginning, to the middle, to the end.

So, it is with our lives.

Using solid scriptural support and an array of compelling stories, “Let’s Be Honest” will not only grab your interest, but your intellect and emotions as well. Gove weaves together a tapestry of truth that challenges the reader to self-reflect and examine the man in the mirror.

Read this book at your own risk! It’s bound to change your mentality, ministry, and life!

Includes a FREE Small Group Discussion Guide in the back of the book!