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B2B 401: Basics of the Godhead

In the Biblical sense, the word “Godhead” simply means “The state of being God.” It wasn’t until 2-300 years after the apostles and leaders of the Early Church died off that the word devolved into how it’s used today. However, no matter how others throughout history have defined the term, we must go back to its original meaning and intent. As it is with the children’s game of “Telephone,” so it is with doctrine. If it is not constantly matched up with the Source, the infallible Word of God, over time changes will occur, and with each sequential passing of the information, the message will become more garbled.

The Bible is our source of doctrine, not the Church Fathers or creeds of the past. The church fathers were well-intentioned, but fallible individuals and the common creeds were written and voted upon by them. Not only were they written by fallible people, they were written several centuries removed from their original context. Instead of basing our beliefs upon other men’s summary of beliefs, we should instead seek out the Source of those beliefs—The Word of God.

This portion of Midtown University will serve as a beginner-level theology course, focusing on the Godhead and the identity of the Man, Christ Jesus. For further study on this subject, the book “The Oneness of God” by Dr. David K. Bernard is an excellent study resource. But even then, our primary focus is the Word of God and what it says about Jesus and Who He was and is today.



Special Appendix:
Oneness Doctrinal Video Mini-Series